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by T3chn0Crafter
Yesterday, 11:06
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Secret Santa Event
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Re: Secret Santa Event

I’m interested! (Don’t know whether you wanted to wait for confirmation or what so I posted on instinct :/)
by T3chn0Crafter
25 Nov 2019, 16:31
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Cave Village
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Re: Cave Village

Ok? Not entirely sure why this warranted a thread...
by T3chn0Crafter
08 Nov 2019, 13:08
Forum: Region Mayorship
Topic: Turtles for Munchkinnibbler [Acknowledged]
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Re: Turtles for Munchkinnibbler [Acknowledged]

Seems good, make sure to put up rules for the region where people can see them.

Have fun!
by T3chn0Crafter
06 Nov 2019, 02:06
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Market Region
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Re: Market Region

The region itself is finished - it’s the plugin behind it that’s quite buggy and is behaving strangely
by T3chn0Crafter
24 Oct 2019, 11:47
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Above the nether...
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Re: Above the nether...

It hasn’t been allowed in the past and probably will never be.

The only reason to go to the nether oof it to cut out some work for making a farm and it is an exploit.
by T3chn0Crafter
23 Oct 2019, 12:08
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Is the server updating to 1.15?
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Re: Is the server updating to 1.15?

It will - as always - update when a stable build of he software the server uses and all its plugins is available
by T3chn0Crafter
23 Oct 2019, 02:16
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Trick-or-Treat! Event
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Re: Trick-or-Treat! Event

My device is finished!
You need to shoot an arrow at a wooden button so bring a bow and make sure you have full health
by T3chn0Crafter
22 Oct 2019, 09:56
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Dungeons
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Re: Dungeons

Items lost in the dungeons are not given back.

If you don’t have the key and the gear is inside and you spawn outside then you can’t. get your stuff without another key or someone else’s key
by T3chn0Crafter
21 Oct 2019, 15:06
Forum: General Requests
Topic: Im stuck in prision can i get some help [SOLVED]
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Re: Im stuck in prision can i get some help [SOLVED]

Post in ban appeals as it is ban related.

Seems like it may have been intended
by T3chn0Crafter
19 Oct 2019, 06:17
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Enquiry into a simple storage system
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Enquiry into a simple storage system

Heyo, So recently I was thinking about the way it is quite difficult to build large scale sorting systems due to the heavy restrictions on hoppers. So i was looking up some low-hopper designs and found a really interesting one. It involves stacking many minecart chests into a track and having a sing...