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by Kolas
22 Apr 2019, 13:25
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Help Us Help You; getting started.
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Re: Help Us Help You; getting started.

Another thing we can do is to have a video explaining stuff like how to find the region poles, resource world, some public farms and other places of importance. It is often easier to explain (and understand) some of the stuff like locating region poles verbally instead of reading (in chat or signs o...
by Kolas
11 Apr 2019, 10:51
Forum: Region Mayorship
Topic: turtles for kolas32613
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turtles for kolas32613

I would like to apply for the mayorship of Apollo, pole co-ords: -3800, -3400
by Kolas
02 Apr 2019, 11:44
Forum: Tutorials
Topic: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
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Re: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

I suggest asking on a separate thread in general section.
by Kolas
05 Mar 2019, 20:47
Forum: Tutorials
Topic: How do i sell or buy stuff?
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Re: How do i sell or buy stuff?

I think we can do the first part, not the second. It is kind of limiting in many ways. The item id thing should work though, just no 1.13 items and items with sub id.
by Kolas
02 Mar 2019, 17:46
Forum: Tutorials
Topic: Acceptable Mods for BH
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Re: Acceptable Mods for BH

The rules are simple, ask before you use it. Optifine is allowed. For just about anything else you should ask if you can use it.

Also, this should belong in general. juniors, seniors and Hayan all reply in general as well. Not a reason to post this here.
by Kolas
01 Oct 2018, 12:59
Forum: Region Mayorship
Topic: Llamas for kolas32613 [Acknowledged]
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Llamas for kolas32613 [Acknowledged]

I have read the rules for mayorship.

I would like to be the mayor of a wilderness region with region pole at -3400, -3400

I have 44808 claimblocks available to use right now.

Playtime: 1hour

I would like for the region to remain unnamed. Thank you.
by Kolas
12 Sep 2018, 16:58
Forum: Ark Spot Reservation
Topic: Request for Ark Spot [Reserved]
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Request for Ark Spot [Reserved]

I have read the rules.

Requesting a cell on the Ark. Thank you.