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by LayaElisabeth
Today, 09:43
Forum: Region Mayorship
Topic: Llamas for ronweasleyo
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Re: Llamas for ronweasleyo

Sorry it's been a while. Your region has been transferred back to you :)
by LayaElisabeth
14 Feb 2019, 16:02
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Happy Valentine
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Happy Valentine

We have a new Event Box for Valentine. To claim your gift, head to region 'Valentine', walk around the pond to the Big Red Heart and click the [Kit] sign. That will give you a token that you can then trade with the Minister in the wedding chapel next to it. This event WILL be taken down after 7 day...
by LayaElisabeth
10 Feb 2019, 16:30
Forum: Region Mayorship
Topic: Llamas for xitruss
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Re: Llamas for xitruss

lieuwe_berg wrote:
26 Jan 2019, 07:29
Sahishnu, only the thread author should bump the thread.
Ask Xitruss to maintain/follow up on his post please? He did after all claim the region pole..
by LayaElisabeth
10 Feb 2019, 12:33
Forum: Glitch/Server Errors
Topic: Nether Death
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Re: Nether Death

I was in the nether at a nether fortress mining bricks, when a Ghast started to shoot fire balls at me. So far so good, I was shooting my arrows at it, when i got hit forwards (towards the ghast, which means that it was not him/her). -The fireballs explode on impact, which means if they hit a wall ...
by LayaElisabeth
10 Feb 2019, 12:30
Forum: Glitch/Server Errors
Topic: Lighting issues [Help]
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Re: Lighting issues [Help]

What you do is just place blocks all over the room, fill it completely with sand of any block of your liking (Don't use torches except in your offhand for visibility) and then check when it dissapears. I've done this a few times and it seems the game thinks 1 of the air blocks emits light and as soo...
by LayaElisabeth
10 Feb 2019, 11:47
Forum: Glitch/Server Errors
Topic: Mysterious Death
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Re: Mysterious Death

Maybe Cobb can find something in the server logs, it's basically a last chance thing, but don't get your hopes up too much.

As for Sloth, i don't see how entering the EB would kill someone if they used it properly, but still, that's on him to post on the forums..
by LayaElisabeth
16 Dec 2018, 16:03
Forum: News
Topic: EnderFarm
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We are proud to announce our new Public Enderfarm. When you walk into the farm, you will bump into the kill zone straight away. If there are players already, please wait your turn patiently. Make sure to share the farm as there's room for 2 and each side has it's own collection chest. - To prevent p...
by LayaElisabeth
14 Dec 2018, 21:36
Forum: Tutorials
Topic: How do I find the nearest region pole?
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How do I find the nearest region pole?

Region Poles are centered in regions. These regions are 400x400 blocks big in X and Z coördinates, and thus around 200 blocks outwards from the pole. That means that if you start walking in 1 straight direction for 200 blocks, you will be at the borders between 2 regions, if you then walk 200 blocks...