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by veeeSix
26 Jul 2019, 11:07
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: No Voucher after purchasing region name.
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Re: No Voucher after purchasing region name.

Noted. I can see your order's already been recorded. You should be able to go forward with naming as usual.

EDIT: In case of argument, you can reference this thread and date of purchase should you decide to use the voucher later down the road.
by veeeSix
25 Jun 2019, 18:44
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Clarification on Mining in Personal Regions
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Re: Clarification on Mining in Personal Regions

Yeah, you can mine out your own personal region. It's community regions where mining is discouraged.
by veeeSix
15 May 2019, 18:04
Forum: Region Cleanup
Topic: Resource world reset/regen [SOLVED]
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Re: Resource world reset/regen [SOLVED]

Can I just say thank the Hermits for the Resource World? If we didn't have one, the Overworld would look like that.
by veeeSix
10 May 2019, 10:27
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Discord
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Re: Discord

The only section you shouldn't be able to see with only the 'Verified Hermit' role is the Senior Section.
by veeeSix
21 Apr 2019, 14:41
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Help Us Help You; getting started.
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Re: Help Us Help You; getting started.

I'm all in favour of adjusting the Central entrance. Every direction looks the same and I never ended up finding the info center. I initially went just to visit the Cathedral and took a full day cycle to find.
by veeeSix
20 Sep 2018, 18:27
Forum: Market Request
Topic: Market Region Rules [READ BEFORE APPLYING]
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Market Region Rules [READ BEFORE APPLYING]

This page is under construction. Please check back when the Market has officially opened.
by veeeSix
19 Sep 2018, 12:45
Forum: Tutorials
Topic: Tutorial, Player Head Avatars
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Tutorial, Player Head Avatars

You've probably seen a few users with avatars of their player skins that look neat and simple when used via the mobile version of the forums. If you'd like to make one for yourself, it's very easy to do. First, go to where you'll need to enter your player name. ...
by veeeSix
12 Sep 2018, 23:39
Forum: Ark Spot Reservation
Topic: Space for veee, please! [Reserved]
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Space for veee, please! [Reserved]

Hey guys, can I get a good spot with a view? Additionally, I'm trying to eat healthy these days, so I'll opt for the vegetarian meal option, if that isn't a problem. Uh, and if you can, I get a bit motion sick sitting next to the window, so an aisle seat would be lovely. I have read the READ BEFORE ...