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by Cobbett
25 Jan 2020, 05:09
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Water Dispensing.
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Re: Water Dispensing.

Trapdoors will have the same lag as dispensers, the problem is caused by the large number of block updates when water flows - which is a server problem as that's where the updates are calculated. But we can't block trapdoors, only the use of buckets in dispensers, but it does help a little.
by Cobbett
22 Jan 2020, 13:20
Forum: Glitch/Server Errors
Topic: Placing and breaking a block you are standing on or about to.
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Re: Placing and breaking a block you are standing on or about to.

Hmm, thought that was something that 1.15 was supposed to have fixed. X talks about it in one of the snapshot videos.
by Cobbett
19 Sep 2019, 13:20
Forum: Glitch/Server Errors
Topic: Stone brick duplication glitch.
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Re: Stone brick duplication glitch.

There's an error with the plugin, it isn't protecting the poles in the way it should. No fix for that yet.
by Cobbett
31 Aug 2019, 09:40
Forum: General Requests
Topic: Claimexplosions
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Re: Claimexplosions

Unfortunately there's nothing we can do to change that behavior, it's hardcoded in the plugin.
by Cobbett
17 Aug 2019, 18:26
Forum: General Requests
Topic: Pic of old region
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Re: Pic of old region

by Cobbett
15 Aug 2019, 13:12
Forum: Region Cleanup
Topic: DragonRock region reset please
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Re: DragonRock region reset please

I'll be able to fix it, but it will have wait until the weekend as it will need a little preparation and I'll need to stop the server for 5-10 minutes.
by Cobbett
12 Aug 2019, 13:33
Forum: Glitch/Server Errors
Topic: Nether Portal Issue
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Re: Nether Portal Issue

I'll have to try and disable portals from the Resource world. There are currently some portal bugs that haven't been completely fixed.
by Cobbett
05 Aug 2019, 13:31
Forum: Glitch/Server Errors
Topic: More fun with lava in the Nether
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Re: More fun with lava in the Nether

As items being protected in lava is just an unplanned side-effect of the protection plugin we use, sorry no refunds. It would be considered a normal loss in vanilla.
by Cobbett
03 Aug 2019, 06:56
Forum: Glitch/Server Errors
Topic: Portal weirdness
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Re: Portal weirdness

I made some changes to avoid one problem, and it's giving us lots of new problems. I think I'm going to have to find a different way to fix the first problem.
by Cobbett
13 Jul 2019, 08:10
Forum: News
Topic: 1.14.3 update
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1.14.3 update

Update: BlockHermit is now on 1.14.3

There is a significant amount of lag in this version, hopefully the situation will improve over the next few weeks.