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by Wout
15 Dec 2019, 05:26
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Christmas Event
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Christmas Event

Ho ho ho, It's that time of year again! The event region has been transformed into region 'JingleBell'. We built a Christmas village there where you can do all sorts of challenges. Each completed challenge gets you a special Christmas present. In total there are 8 challenges: - 3 Parkour courses - a...
by Wout
26 Oct 2019, 11:59
Forum: Region Naming
Topic: Parrots for Soul_of_Cinder_ [REDEEMED]
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Re: Parrots for Soul_of_Cinder_ [REDEEMED]

Region was successfully renamed. Enjoy :)
by Wout
26 Oct 2019, 11:58
Forum: Region Mayorship
Topic: Llamas for Soul_of_Cinder_ [Acknowledged]
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Re: Llamas for Soul_of_Cinder_ [Acknowledged]

Your region was claimed in your name. You're now the mayor of Genesis!
Be careful who you trust in your claim, I've expanded it across the entire region.
by Wout
15 Sep 2019, 18:18
Forum: Region Naming
Topic: Parrots for Tigsu (Orion) [REDEEMED]
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Re: Parrots for Tigsu (Orion) [REDEEMED]

Sorry about the delay.. Your region is renamed and the voucher removed from your inventory ;)
by Wout
15 Sep 2019, 18:09
Forum: General Requests
Topic: Minigames
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Re: Minigames

Check out the region mayorship and region naming sections of this forum Barash08. Everything should be in the "Read before you post".
by Wout
01 Sep 2019, 13:17
Forum: News
Topic: Dungeons
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Here is some more info about the dungeons in region 'Dungeon'. The dungeon is a place where players can go to fight mobs, alone or with friends. You can bring whatever you want in your inventory, but if you lose it, we won't recover it for you. Of course, you can try to get them back. Some gates req...
by Wout
27 Aug 2019, 15:52
Forum: Eviction
Topic: Eviction of beemart from Hypeland [SOLVED]
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Re: Eviction of beemart from Hypeland [SOLVED]

The area where his claim was has been reset.
by Wout
25 Aug 2019, 07:24
Forum: General Requests
Topic: Portal in Nether [SOLVED]
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Re: Portal in Nether [SOLVED]

I put a new nether portal there. They're linked correctly again I think.
by Wout
25 Aug 2019, 06:35
Forum: Region Mayorship
Topic: Turtles for EpicHype [Acknowledged]
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Re: Turtles for EpicHype [Acknowledged]

Your community region request has been acknowledged. Please make sure you make some signs around the region that explain what is and what isn't allowed in your region. Enjoy!
by Wout
13 Aug 2019, 04:56
Forum: Glitch/Server Errors
Topic: Nether Portal Issue [SOLVED]
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Re: Nether Portal Issue [SOLVED]

I stored it at my place atm, I'll give it to you when I see you online.