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by Themoddedguy
14 Apr 2019, 16:18
Forum: Region Mayorship
Topic: Llamas for Themodedguy [Acknowledged]
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Llamas for Themodedguy [Acknowledged]

Hello! I wanted to be mayor of a wilderness region located at -1000 73 1000

I have 35,196 claim blocks left to spend, all of my claims are in my personal region to protect my enderchests.

by Themoddedguy
18 Sep 2018, 16:40
Forum: Tutorials
Topic: How to Install Optifine in 1.13
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How to Install Optifine in 1.13

Optifine, a program based on improving performance and adding more visual features to your game. Optifine can be very useful for users who have low end PC's that can't play Minecraft very well. This is a easy, quick tutorial on how to install it. First, go to and look ...
by Themoddedguy
10 Sep 2018, 16:39
Forum: Ark Spot Reservation
Topic: Request for a Spot in the Ark [Reserved]
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Request for a Spot in the Ark [Reserved]

In Game Username: Themoddedguy

If there is a Nice View plot that is available, can you reserve that spot please. Thanks!