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by Heios
15 Apr 2019, 05:52
Forum: Slime Chunk Request
Topic: Need Heios
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Need Heios

by Heios
07 Feb 2019, 03:08
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Snow
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Re: Snow

If it was only a small amount of snow near the pole that mighta been the snowgolem I accidentally took there once xD
by Heios
31 Dec 2018, 11:15
Forum: Glitch/Server Errors
Topic: Weird lightning? [SOLVED]
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Weird lightning? [SOLVED]

In slabtown recently I've been seeing and hearing thunder and lightning while it's sunny, I haven't seen this anywhere else in the server but it seems like a glitch/bug Thanks Heios EDIT I don't have a clue what causes this and it affects everyone, it's not just me seeing this, someone else told me ...
by Heios
30 Dec 2018, 05:16
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Trident Purchase
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Re: Trident Purchase

I was selling plain tridents in slabtown but I sold them all, I could restock
by Heios
08 Dec 2018, 04:40
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Snapshots 1.14 What is new? (3)
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Re: Snapshots 1.14 What is new?

TonciZvijer wrote:
08 Dec 2018, 04:17
Omg so for the 1.14 reset we should have pillagers slowly attacking and destroying newtown so we need to run before they get us
by Heios
05 Dec 2018, 01:43
Forum: Eviction
Topic: short_c1rcuit
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Re: short_c1rcuit

I can't put a screenshot on the forums but I could send it you over discord (I can't use imgur)
by Heios
04 Dec 2018, 11:11
Forum: Eviction
Topic: short_c1rcuit
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Please may I have short_c1rcuit's builds at -2970,-1797 and -2978,-1775 removed as he has not been online for around 1 and a half months and no progress has been made. Thanks
by Heios
04 Dec 2018, 11:00
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Reset the Nether Please
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Re: Reset the Nether Please

A nether resource would be greatly appreciated by all of the hermits I think
by Heios
25 Nov 2018, 07:33
Forum: Region Mayorship
Topic: Turtles for Heios [Acknowledged]
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Turtles for Heios [Acknowledged]

Region location: -3000, -1800
I would like it to have a generic name please
The members right now are patandjennifer, short_c1rcuit, Shermannster and me.
by Heios
03 Oct 2018, 12:57
Forum: Region Naming
Topic: Parrots for Heios (new) [REDEEMED]
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Parrots for Heios (new) [REDEEMED]

I have a voucher and would like my region at 3000,-2200 to be named


Heres my mayorship request: