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by World_Of_Janey
02 Feb 2019, 10:28
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Placment problems...
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Re: Placment problems...

Lolman, you are encroaching upon a community region, a region that many people have to share, when you have an entire region to yourself! So stay within it, you have already been told by a senior (LayaElisabeth) to move and you acknowledged this and agreed to move, but instead you have placed a clai...
by World_Of_Janey
13 Jan 2019, 17:11
Forum: Region Naming
Topic: Parrots for Queen_Janey [REDEEMED]
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Parrots for Queen_Janey [REDEEMED]

I would like to rename my region DragonRock

Currently my region is called cave.
I am the owner of my region and have also read the read before posting. I have made a donation and my payment has gone through and I have the valid region name change thing in my inventory. Thank you.
by World_Of_Janey
30 Sep 2018, 16:24
Forum: Region Mayorship
Topic: Llamas for World_Of_Janey [Acknowledged]
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Llamas for World_Of_Janey [Acknowledged]

I have read the read before posting. I am wanting to become mayor of Cave region, I have 11828 total claim blocks and 6668 claim blocks left to spend, I already have a large claim in the Cave region, I have been playing on the server for about 6 weeks and am a very active user, and I began playing i...
by World_Of_Janey
12 Sep 2018, 15:59
Forum: Ark Spot Reservation
Topic: Animal ark space [Reserved]
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Animal ark space [Reserved]

Can I please have a animal spot in the ark.
I have read the read before post
by World_Of_Janey
10 Sep 2018, 20:15
Forum: Ark Spot Reservation
Topic: Ark container Reservation [Reserved]
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Ark container Reservation [Reserved]

Can I have a container on the ark please.

Username: World_Of_Janey

I have read the READ BEFORE YOU POST.