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by ConsumerJunk
26 Sep 2019, 11:22
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Merchandising
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Re: Merchandising

With a lot of the players from around the world, there could even be multiple distribution points from people making them in countries outside of the US. That would required some quality control that may be hard to manage though. Merch would be really cool though, having a cool BH pin and supporting...
by ConsumerJunk
13 Sep 2019, 13:45
Forum: General Requests
Topic: Claimexplosions
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Re: Claimexplosions

It probably is, but it's possible that someone would want to have explosions in their claims (Can't think of any, outside of possibly wanting it since it's part of the 'default' survival?).
by ConsumerJunk
18 Aug 2019, 14:36
Forum: Region Mayorship
Topic: Turtles for kalamangus [Acknowledged]
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Re: Turtles for kalamangus [Acknowledged]

If I recall correctly Hobbit is a public region, and a public region cannot be converted into a private one. I believe the person who owns Hobbit is active in the Discord, so you might want to reach out through that, as I think there is already someone taking over the region with the owners acceptance
by ConsumerJunk
21 Jun 2019, 20:20
Forum: Region Naming
Topic: Parrots for ConsumerJunk [REDEEMED]
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Parrots for ConsumerJunk [REDEEMED]

Hello, I recently became the mayor of the public region at 200 (193) 3800, and would like to change the name to "SkyCity". Thank you, my voucher is in my inventory.
(Mayorship request ... 2de0163137)
by ConsumerJunk
18 Jun 2019, 18:14
Forum: Region Mayorship
Topic: Turtles for ConsumerJunk [Acknowledged]
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Turtles for ConsumerJunk [Acknowledged]

There are currently no players living in the region at the moment, as I decided to wait until it was a recognized public region before accepting new players. I do know of some people who will not be living in the region but will be participating in the region if possible. I have a region naming vouc...
by ConsumerJunk
08 Apr 2019, 10:12
Forum: Glitch/Server Errors
Topic: My mending pickaxes will not mend [SOLVED]
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Re: My mending pickaxes will not mend [SOLVED]

The XP only goes towards mending the item if it is in your hand (or offhand), and only uses XP thats gathered, not XP that you already have, so unfortunately your 56 levels won't go towards your pickaxe
by ConsumerJunk
25 Mar 2019, 10:48
Forum: Glitch/Server Errors
Topic: Pistons not retracting despite there being no redstone input
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Re: Pistons not retracting despite there being no redstone input

Are they bud powered? Does an update next to them make them retract?
by ConsumerJunk
22 Feb 2019, 16:18
Forum: Glitch/Server Errors
Topic: Flying carpet
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Flying carpet

So Kolas and I where goofing around, and we found a glitch where you can stack carpets ontop of eachother, then sit on the top one. When someone comes and removes the bottom carpet, all the carpets break, but you remain sitting mid-air
by ConsumerJunk
17 Feb 2019, 20:14
Forum: Eviction
Topic: Eviction of vostages claim
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Re: Eviction of vostages claim

How long ago did you place the signs?
by ConsumerJunk
06 Feb 2019, 12:53
Forum: Glitch/Server Errors
Topic: Trade Sign Error for purchaser, not sign creator [SOLVED]
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Re: Trade Sign Error for purchaser, not sign creator [SOLVED]

It may also be that a sign's line character limit is now based on character lengths since 1.8. The plugin may only be for item names and quantities within the old hard-set character limit