We will mark out a slime chunk for you! Request it here!
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19 Nov 2018, 13:37

Need a slime chunk marked? Please read through the entirety of this post before requesting for a slime chunk to be marked out. This READ BEFORE YOU POST may be altered in the future, so please make sure you read any time before requesting.

Requirements to have a senior find chunk(s) for you:
  • Player must have played on the server for longer than 100 hours.*
  • Player is region mayor and acknowledged as such by the server.
  • Player has no history of mining in restricted areas.
  • Player does not already have slime chunk(s) marked.
The requirements above are set to minimize potential lag as well as ensure only those that have been on the server awhile are able to get slime chunks marked for them. Please consider wisely before choosing to apply. We remind players that a region is only 400x400 and that a chunk is 16x16. We will not mark chunks that cross region borders.

Once a senior sees a chunk request, they will search for slime chunks and try to mark out up to a double chunk. We will not mark tri-chunks or quads. Seniors will reply to the post with the slime chunk(s) they found. They will provide the NorthWestern coordinate and the SouthEastern coordinate.

How to apply:
In the body of your post, please provide the link to your mayorship application (must be marked Acknowledged). Please also provide the amount of claim blocks you have by doing

Code: Select all

and providing us the first line returned to you upon that command. The subject/title of your request should start with the words in this post that correlate to the first number of your total claimblocks. In the example below, the number is one and the first word is 'Need'. If the number was three, the first three words would be "Need a slime". Please provide your username at the end of the subject line as well. "Need Minecraftsteve" or "Need a slime minecraft steve" to follow the above example.

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123450 blocks from play + 0 bonus = 123450 total 

*We just want to see that players are investing time into the server and that new players aren't requesting only to disappear after they make a huge hole. We can make exceptions to this requirement, so you are free to request anyway, but do note it may return in having a rejection.