Eviction for Region Pole -198 x 70 y -2200 z

If you have a resident who is inactive and need a removal of their build, you can request it here.
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17 Dec 2018, 21:42

There is a region pole just west of my base that's claimed by the player "Grifitii". He only has two hours to his name and I never have seen him online. I would like it evicted so I can make it a proper region that people can build bases in. Thanks, -RealMilkeye
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18 Dec 2018, 11:51

Player was on 9 days ago.

There activity in the last 30 days very small, but that is an allowance players can have.

You can ask in 6 weeks from now for the matter to be revisited but I would caution you, this is a very difficult road given the underlying factors, based on what I see. They do have a presence at the pole and earlier they did in fact have a lot of time on.

To be honest, you really are better off moving to a region where you have a clean title. And I would advise to stop developing where you are (And whose region pole you want to claim), as it may well happen that you may never own it. And start building and developing a region that is unclaimed and has no one else in it.
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