How to Name Your Region [READ BEFORE YOU POST]

Apply here for a custom region name if you have purchased a voucher.
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You can post a request here to use your vouchers and get a custom name for your region. If you are looking to get your region generically named, please indicate so when applying for mayor to your region. Note only wildernesses can be generically named. If you would like to custom name or RE-name your region, you must use a voucher.

Custom Region Names (Vouchers)
Custom region names are given to players by the server automatically when a player buys a voucher on our donation page. These items cannot be replicated or duped and cannot (in most instances) be refunded in cases of lava burn or similar scenarios. Seniors will generally be lenient in allowing one or two renames at their discretion but requirements for region naming still applies.

Requirements for custom region names (Vouchers):
  • Player must own a valid region name voucher acquired from the Donation Page
  • Player must have the voucher in their inventory when their region is being named.
  • Player requesting custom region name must be the mayor/owner of the area.
  • Player must understand that the region cannot revert back to Wilderness once named.
  • Region name must not coincide or cause confusion with any other existing regions. Consult the existing regionlist first before you decide on one.
  • Region name can only be alphanumeric (A-Z,a-z,0-9).
  • Region name cannot exceed 10 characters and must be at least 4 characters long.
  • Players cannot request any kind of profanity as a region name.
How to apply for a custom region name:
If your username's first letter starts with a vowel, please title your request "Elephants for YOURUSERNAME"
If your username's first letter starts with a consonant, please title your request "Parrots for YOURUSERNAME"

In the subject body, please copy and paste the URL for your mayorship application. This will let us know you are indeed the mayor to your region.