Parrots for ConsumerJunk  [REDEEMED]

Apply here for a custom region name if you have purchased a voucher.
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11 Nov 2018, 17:29

Hello, I would like to get my region named :D
I would like to have my region named 'Grid'. The coordinates for me region pole are 1400 87 3400, and the link to my mayorship request is viewtopic.php?f=17&t=381.
1) I do have a valid region naming voucher,
2) My voucher is (more likely than not) in my inventory,
3) I am the mayor of my region,
4) I understand,
5) My name shouldn't coincide or cause confusion as there isn't another region with a similar name at the moment,
6) My region name follows the naming guidelines,
7) My region name is 4 letters long,
8) My region name is not profane.

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spent 30 minutes on.
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12 Nov 2018, 10:07

Please put the voucher in your enderchest when you next log in.

I see from the old forums you had in fact purchased a voucher in v2, therefore I was able to proceed.

The region at 1400 87 3400, is now named "Grid".

Added in 2 hours 8 minutes 10 seconds:
Thank you.

I have taken the voucher and forwarded it on.
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