Llamas for Navyjay  [Acknowledged]

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Minecraft Name: Navyjay

09 Jan 2019, 13:59

I have been on for a year and have about 44484 claim blocks, of which 1979 are free.

The region in question has a pole at approximately 1800, -1800.

I will be requesting a generic name for it.


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09 Jan 2019, 14:12

I claimed the region in your name and named it Zombie.
  • You are in claim debt, this means that you cannot claim any more. However, you can be trusted in other's (sub)claims like Market as these do not affect your claim block count.
  • You now have 7 out of 8 total claims.
  • Using /abandonclaim will forfeit your entire region's claim, so be super careful when using this!
  • Be careful of who you trust, we're unlikely to intervene if you trusted the wrong person.
  • You can rename the region to a name of your own choosing, granted that you have a voucher.
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