Llamas for CraftAsEngineer  [Acknowledged]

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Fresh Hermit
Fresh Hermit
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02 Feb 2019, 11:37

The region is wild and i'd like it to be named. If possible, the perfect name would be Spruce Corp, some of the habitants of railway decided to start this region as railway's farms spot and we also added the theme of making profit from this civil war currently going on in the server.
I've already claimed a 151x151 area centered on the pole. Currently i have 29207 blocks of claiming, but i only have 4118 blocks left.
I've so many blocks because i'm an old member of this server who quit minecraft for almost 2 years, i've been back since Sunday the 20th of January i believe.

CORDS: -1800//-3400

Note: even thought its a community (3 people) farm region, its all under my claim, there are no other claims in this pole. And i'd like to keep my right for a community pole in case i decide to start a town. I think it's fair :)
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02 Feb 2019, 17:44

Your region has been claimed for you. Since you do not have a region name voucher, you cannot get a custom name. I see you build with spruce a lot, so I named it SpruceTide (Since it's also in the ocean)
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