Llamas for FatefulCello  [Acknowledged]

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Fresh Hermit
Fresh Hermit
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Minecraft Name: FatefulCello

05 Feb 2019, 21:25

Coords: -2998.52/63.00000/1799.029
Claimblocks avail total: 8964 (after I unclaim stuff im assuming?)
Hours played on server: 98 and counting

I'm new, I know this. But I'm a good builder, and I'm a fast builder. In 2 days I put on the island what is there. I don't plan on going anywhere, i love the server. Attached to this claim is Flower and Nika's place, where you can see some of my builds too if needed, I'm active! I DO have a voucher too and this is in the Wilderness, though I think I put in for this, and then that post. I have a whole theme going for my little spot on the server, something I think everyone will get a kick out of, but so far is hush hush top secret!

If I'm denied, I understand, I'll just keep working on what I have, but I hope I'm not denied! Thank you!

also... I think this is all that was needed?
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05 Feb 2019, 22:42

Hey Fateful, I've gone ahead and claimed your region for you. Enjoy your region, and happy building!
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