LLamas for TomThePom3  [Acknowledged]

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Fresh Hermit
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16 Feb 2019, 01:48

Good Morning / Afternoon all!

I would just like to ask if I could have my region claimed as a personal region, I'm quite new to all the forums thing however I have played the server for 8.62 Days (Going By Statistics in Minecraft) and I consider myself good at building and I do not mind what it is called, If this is not approved ill keep working towards it, I believe I am active enough.


Ye Neighbourhood Pom

P.S coords for my region pole are X: -2199 Z: 200
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27 Feb 2019, 15:11

Your region has been claimed in your name. You are not in claim debt, but you have used up your present allotment, and it will take a bit of time before you are able to make additional claims. Trust in claims (like market or in another's claim) does not count towards this, so you will still be able to apply for market later on. Please note that if you /abandonclaim, your entire region becomes unclaimed. You will still be able to divide your claims using /subdivideclaims to allow people container access and etc where you would like.

There was one claim removed and from another player that was a small co-build with you and you will need to subdivide it and re-grant trust to them.

Please note that you have two other claims outside of this region that need to be relinquished by you as you technically have used up you claim allotment to get the whole region. The following claims need to be removed by you within 7 days of this posting. Otherwise, after this time, the will be removed for you and and any property in them will be lost:

x-2606, z195
x-1791, z3905

Claims will expire after 60 days so please make sure you check back in if you will be gone awhile. The claims expire not just by checking for login, but also for activity. Block changes need to be made to make sure your claim is considered 'active'.

Your region is named Doubleton.
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