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23 Feb 2019, 04:41

I have the pole claimed in estuary and would like to become mayor. I have a few builds in the region as of now but I plan to make more as I play. I have been playing for about a week, just below a week as of 1.13 and I have 7508 claim blocks total. I understand that means I’m going to go into claim debt and how many hours I am going to have to play to be able to claim again. There is a inactive player in estuary and I saw him when he first moved here and everything he built and he has made no progress since then I hope that doesn’t mean I can’t be the mayor of this region and he is inactive and if I become mayor I will make a request to have them evicted,
Many thanks,
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07 Mar 2019, 13:00

If you are still waiting on your request, please reply.
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08 Mar 2019, 05:12

Rejecting application. No further development, or if so not discernible. May re-apply when more has been done by them.
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