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Apply to be mayor to your region here!
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25 Feb 2019, 03:05

The coords are, 2200.5 , 66, -3799.5
Currently it is me and tigsu, but PandAwolf will be joining us shortly. I do not have a voucher, but Tigsu does.
So yeah, I I believe thats all the information the "read before you post asked for," well thank you for your time,
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25 Feb 2019, 03:15

So yeah, if the region can have a generic name for now and I'll have it changed later :)

Also, it's a community region so public, not private, we love people.
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04 Mar 2019, 02:30

Spoke with Tigsu in game. Two or three region items applied for and everything was getting confusion. Her or wfuzzy will be the lead on this and put forward one application for a region. Explained there are no co-mayors and that the delay in processing was likely due to applications being all over the place and difficult to follow or having issues with them.

Closing as a new application to replace it is forthcoming.
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