Llamas for MorganRainbows  [Acknowledged]

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Fresh Hermit
Fresh Hermit
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Minecraft Name: MorganRainbows

23 Apr 2019, 15:06

The pole is at the lovely:
X: -2200
Y: 660
Z: 3800
MorganRainbows, would love this llama
My claim blocks are: 24045
And my blocks left to spend are: 15843
(All my claims are in the region)
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Minecraft Name: HayanTokki

29 Apr 2019, 12:02

I had to get rid of a few claims that aren't yours. They didn't have anything in them, so you shouldn't run into problems by the claim owner. Enjoy your region!

Side note: the claim may be one or two blocks bigger than it should be, so I wouldn't recommend building right to the edge of the claim in case it gets resized by the one or two blocks it should be shrunk by.