Region reset for Pacifica please

You can ask us to reset a region that has no mayor to it and is inactive.
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18 Mar 2019, 22:42


Due to me being new to the server at the time I requested mayorship, I thought 400x400 only covered the island. Once I got it gridded out I realized how much bigger that is, and that there is about 90% ocean and 10% island. Due to this fact I find it very very hard to continue to develop the region. Hearts of the sea are nearly impossible to find on the server as everyone is seeking them out/raiding them. So, I wish to give up my mayorship and seek to find a region that is more hospitable to my building style. I have not worked on the island due to lack of inspiration and so there is actually very little there that wasn't there when I got there.

Thank you so much for your time, I apologize for any inconvenience, and I look forward to putting in a request at a later date, for a different region. (hopefully maybe but not soon)