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01 Dec 2019, 18:45

Hello there.... ahem, just getting my Star Wars memes out of the way... right so down to business folks

This year I've been thinking about how some festivities were skipped (the halloween event kinda got rushed and thanksgiving was a no go) so to get this started early, I'm doing a Secret Santa, hosted by your's truly (Tigsu). However, if you see the title and think "wow, I'm giving a random person stuff and hopefully getting something back from some other random person then you are mistaken. This ain't no normal secret Santa.

So basically you can put an item(s) in some chest for everyone, or put a special item only one person's chest, it's really up to you.

Ex: Ron places a chicken egg in Wowo's chest and one in everyone else's chest. While Flower gets something extra special from ron. (You can name the item to show who it's from or keep it anonymous, its all up to your digression.

I'll be hosting at my main region, Orion, and there I'll be building a massive Christmas tree where each hermit will get a chest/ shucker (it depends if I can actually buy that many shuckers in time) and there will be hoppers to put the items in so they go into the chests/shulkers.

There will also be other festivities: food carts/shops open, pig racing, etc. The gift giving will start during the 15th-25th, that way everyone can put items in when they're able to. Those receiving the items will probably have till Jan 12th to pick them up because the tree will probably be taken down after awhile.

More details will be given out shortly. Happy holidays peeps

Tig out
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06 Dec 2019, 11:06

I’m interested! (Don’t know whether you wanted to wait for confirmation or what so I posted on instinct :/)
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