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15 Jan 2019, 07:39

Hi, I was talking to a senior the other day and asked them if it would be possible to stop any snow from settling in my region using a command, he said that there almost certainly was a command that would stop snow from settling in my region, but that I would have to create a request on the forum and hope that it gets accepted.

I am the owner of my region (cave region, soon to be renamed DragonRock region) so if it is possible to use such a command it will not affect other players, I am working on a big build that I hope when it is completed every player on the server will feel envolved in however there is so much snow in the region that it is affecting some of the main features of my build. These features would be greatly enhanced if such a command was used and I believe people would enjoy the outcome, however as it stands now, the snow is ruining what I’ve spent hours to create by covering major features, I am a regular player on the server since before the reset and abide by all the server rules, I would be very greatful if the relevant senior(s) would agree to accept my request! Many thanks indeed, Queen_Janey
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28 Jan 2019, 02:21

Did you try using light to prevent the snow? Don't know what your plan is but you can try to light up the build where snow can form.
snow will generate on random non-transparent blocks with a block light level of 10 or less, with the exception of packed ice. Maybe try to incorporate lights to prevent snow formation.
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28 Jan 2019, 10:31

I don't know which senior you spoke to, but while it is possible, it is not a request that should be done.

If for no other reason then every other player will then have their own environmental requests, which in turn they'd want honored.

You moved into the environment where snow was present so it was a foreseen issue.
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28 Jan 2019, 18:12

i would recommend You to use string on top of the block where snow comes if u don't want the lights.
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29 Jan 2019, 09:56

There is also the option of putting glass in the sky. put a layer at max height and snow won't fall on the ground. it will pile up on the glass though.
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07 Feb 2019, 03:08

If it was only a small amount of snow near the pole that mighta been the snowgolem I accidentally took there once xD
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