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Fresh Hermit
Fresh Hermit
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24 May 2019, 18:38

Hello, the ghost farm in the center of the nether is nearing the end of it's preparatory stages and it will soon be time for me to start building the farm itself. Unfortunately, Ilmango's ghast farm is out of date and I'm not a huge fan of the rates of other ghast farms, so I will likely be designing my own farm. I have a few options and wanted some input on which one would be best and whether the last option is legal.

Option 1, Empty carts on a track: Pretty straight forward, empty mine carts are sent out into the ghast spawning area in hopes that one happens to be in the right place to be picked up. I'll probably get pigmen most of the time instead:
Pros: Low impact red stone, tutorials available.
Cons: Low yields, lots of pigmen and magma cubes hanging around eating up the mob cap and not being cleared.

Option 2, Ghast Sweeper: This farm would involve the capture and naming of a number of ghasts before placing them in mine carts to sweep other mobs into the killing area.
Pros: Good yields, simple red stone, continual flushing of pigmen.
Cons: Lots of mine cart entities, large number of named mobs.

Option 3, Observer-Slime Sweeper: Built in this way, the farm would make use of several observer-slime-piston devices to sweep all mobs into a central killing area. Since ghasts aren't affected by gravity this would require 3 or more of these devices; 2 to bring to the center, and 1 to push the ghasts down to the kill area. Realistically the number would probably be 7 of these devices, 3 on either side and one down pusher.
Pros: Best yields, continual flushing of pigmen.
Cons: Complex red stone, and though they area low impact flying machines, the sweepers still basically amount to flying machines.

Option 4, piston wall pusher: Pistons in the walls move ghasts around to the killing area.
Pros: Great yields, flushing of mobs... probably?
Cons: Complex red stone, PISTONS

I appreciate the feedback.
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25 May 2019, 04:37

Currently, carts would be preferred please. Sweepers are far too laggy in 1.13

However, optimisations in 1.14 have improved some things and sweepers might then be bearable, we'll see after we update.
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