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17 Jul 2019, 16:08

Just a question, but is there a workaround for a couple banner patterns not being accessible to Java players? Specifically the ones with the vines (bordure indented) and the one with the bricks (mason bordure)? Evidently Mojang has made it so that, vanilla, those can only be done in bedrock, windows10, and console versions.

It really seems weird, and if there is a way to make those patterns possible in the server, I am for it.

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17 Jul 2019, 16:48

Hmm, there is defo a way to do it with plugins but only if those patterns actually exist in the game files- im not sure whether they are bedrock exclusive even with commands
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27 Jul 2019, 04:26

I think if you just put a dye in, the bricks and vines patterns are both there. I dont think you need the physical patterns for those

Added: I've been playing with banners in another world, and I've had both available in the loom
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