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We are compiling some commonly asked questions that aren't always covered in tutorials here. Please ask your question and we'll add it into the FAQ by category.


Can I use glitches to x-ray? That's not a hack.
All exploits that give you an advantage that other players don't have or aren't intended to be utilized in game are against the rules.

Can I take a player's build if they quit the server?
Do you have permission from that player? If so, they should have transferred the claim to you in such a case. If you happen upon a player's build where that player has not been on in a long time or has quit without affirmation, then we really don't want you to touch the build at all.


Technical Issues

Behavioral Situations
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Hi. So I'm not sure if I asked this before... But I was wondering if the "WAWLA " mod was allowed?
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I suggest asking on a separate thread in general section.
Finding answers to your questions is a part of the Blockhermit experience.
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