Parrots for TigertheTurtle  [REDEEMED]

Apply here for a custom region name if you have purchased a voucher.
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Fresh Hermit
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09 Feb 2019, 18:00

This time, I bought a voucher. The region I want is at: 1400.500/66.00000/1799.500. The name should be Oddity. Thanks!
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09 Feb 2019, 18:08

You have to apply for mayorship first. You cant apply for a region naming when you`r not the mayor of the region. I advice you once again as i did in-game , ``Read the read before you post`` threads
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13 Feb 2019, 21:24

Hello TigerTheTurtle, your request for the region name "Oddity" has been granted! Enjoy the region name!
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