Turtles for Munchkinnibbler  [Acknowledged]

Apply to be mayor to your region here!
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08 Nov 2019, 13:05


I would like to become mayor of my region, as a communal region mayor, please. Since my desired region is a wilderness region, the coordinates of the region pole are -599.500,66,-1399.500 where you will find the region pole, obviously, and the beginnings of some bridges (by me but are not claimed yet) however you may need to go to -433.262,71,-1459.713 instead, since I travelled to the region from Kelp and set up a simple base there. Please note that I have claimed my region pole in the process. I have also been on the server for about 5-6 weeks (starting on Sunday 22nd Sept at the earliest) and currently have 2884 claim blocks in total. In terms of names, I would like the region to be given a generic name since I have not purchased a voucher. Only Today NuNu_Waffles has moved into the desert biome by the region pole and they are my first inhabitant excluding myself.

I hope this covers everything you need.
Many Thanks
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08 Nov 2019, 13:08

Seems good, make sure to put up rules for the region where people can see them.

Have fun!
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