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Old Hermit
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12 Oct 2019, 19:43


Making this thread just to say that Wout really did a great job on the dungeons

Sincerely it is obvious a lot of thought and effort went into making them a fun experience for the players - and he did it outside of his own time and effort to make something fun for us.

Thanks Wout!
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13 Oct 2019, 15:10

I can't deny this! The game is amazing! I haven't fully played it, but saw a video, and I know I have to play it fully now! I tried making some minigames before myself, though this is on a much higher level.
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13 Oct 2019, 18:47

It really makes me happy to see people enjoy the dungeons. It took a while to set up, but I think it was definitely worth it!
Thanks guys! :D
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