Requests such as player information, an extension of claim expiry, or other general requests to seniors that cannot be categorized into currently existing forum subcategories should be addressed here.
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Minecraft Name: Wixler_17

I am going on a exchange abroad for 5ish months and only bringing my laptop, which is too old to run minecraft 1.15+. I would like to request a claim extension. I am currently under the assumption that I will not have access to a better computer during my exchange.

The coords of my region (I'm the mayor) is 600x/y/2600z

Even tho I'm going to be away, my friends (Vertically_Thicc, 0grub0 and iron-something (can't remember his username)) might be in my region, although I wouldn't count on them to come on that often. I'd like it if they still permission to go in it during my travels.

Expected return date to be mid August

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