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I would like to become mayor of the community
region I live in. As I have explained to some seniors, the old mayor (Blanchdog) has not been online for more than 6 months, as Liewe_berg confirmed. The region is Star (if I am accepted I will pay to rename it.) I have been on the server for around 13 weeks (starting on 30th December 2019). As I can remember the residents are DatJoey, Dragon_claw (2nd house) Raid3nx, ZackLondon, Bamaquez, Killthatpig, Clement_F_Lime and Glowingwaterr. There are another 2 I have forgotten their names. I can guarantee that all members are active at least 5 hours a week.
Note: We all live in the Levithat (the messy build in the jungle. If I become mayor I will expand all the way to the pole and support anyone who needs a place to stay. THE REGIONPOLE IS CLAIMED BY A SENIOR: I will claim it once the seniors regen Blanchdog's side of the river.

Thank you!
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Your mayorship has been approved. Sorry for the long delay. We couldn't regenerate the admin claimed area just yet. We'll do it when we next have major maintenance. Sorry about that! We'll get on it soon.