Llamas for Baburu

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Joined: 25 Jan 2019, 20:18
Minecraft Name: Baburu

09 Feb 2019, 16:11

-I have 3556 claim blocks
-I've been on the server for about 2 weeks and I have about 35 active hours
-My pole is in the wilderness at X -100, Z 1400
-I don't have a voucher so please name it a generic name
-There is another claim right next to mine, but that belongs to my friend so I'll explain to him as soon as possible that I'm claiming the region. (we've been planning to claim the region for a while so ill simply trust him to it, there wont be any problem with his claim being removed. his ign is D0esNOtCOmpute.)

if there's any other information that you need, please let me know!
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