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06 Apr 2019, 20:49

Hi. My name is hiiq (pronounced "hi queue") and I am applying to become a Personal Region Mayor. I currently have 658 claim blocks left, and I have been on the server for about a month now, playing for more than 3 hours every day. I have put countless hours into terra-forming my region as well as building different structures all to my theme of wooden/forest style. My region currently holds a "wilderness" status and the coordinates are X: 1000.5 , Y: 95, Z: -599.5 and I have not yet purchased a voucher, so I would like a random name for now and I will get a custom name later on.

Thanks, hiiq
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Yesterday, 20:34

Very promising start, but there needs to be more development that what is their so far. What has been done so far looks great and the attention to small details is really nice.

So You do not need to make large, imposing builds, just keep doing more of what you have there already and when ready let us know here and we'll come and check it out.

Also, you have claims in SouthTown and NorthTown. They will need to be removed as well.
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