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14 Apr 2019, 06:52

Hey everyone!
Easter is just around the corner so we're already starting to celebrate it!

Egg hunt:
We've decided to organize a BH egg hunt.
There are eight eggs hidden around regions Central and Newtown, waiting to be discovered. To find them, well.. you got to look for eggs. If you find one, you'll see a kit sign that gives you the 'egg' (they're actually dyes since the eggs are color coded). Make sure you have a free spot in your inventory to get them! Otherwise they will just drop on the floor.
When you've found all the eggs, you can trade them with Egghead in region 'Easter' for four Easter dusts, combine trade those to get the event box! There will some nice rewards in there of course. ;)

If you don't like to hunt for eggs but just want to get the event box, you should be able to right click the 'skiphunt' sign behind Bettie. We do this because players that don't want to participate should still be treated equally.
It will give you the 4 glowstone dusts you normally get by trading the eggs with Egghead. To make sure no one is able to get two event boxes on their own, I made another kit called tradeticket. It's basically a piece of paper that you can only get one of and it is used to get the event box. It can be found behind Egghead. Don't lose it! We recommend you get this ticket when you're ready to trade.

Bunny Hunt:
There is also a little game called Bunny Hunt. The goal is to 'safely' catch Floopy by killing it. You can use whatever strategy works best for you, but after 30 seconds, Floopy despawns... so you better be quick. If you're able to kill Floopy, it'll drop a token which you can trade with Bettie (next to Egghead) for the second BH collector's card! This might be a little difficult because Floopy is a fast and tough rabbit... :P There is also a ninth egg you have to find to get the card!

On a side note, please remember to respect each other. Wait until it's your turn and don't disturb others when they try to complete these challenges. We make these events for players to enjoy. It would be a shame if someone would try to ruin the experience for others. That's why seniors might not be as forgiving if something like this would actually happen. Hopefully you can understand this!

Good luck with hunting and have fun!! :D

A lot of work goes into these event, luckily there are some players that help us out from time to time!

I've listed a few people down here:
- Tiberaus: helped hiding the eggs.
- _K_A_R_M_A_: helped placing a lot of dirt.
- FlowerAndNika: created most of the banners.
- CraftAsEngineer: gave some redstone tips and advice.
- And some other people I asked to come and give their opinion on the event.
Big thanks to all of them! We appreciate them taking time out of their playtime to help the server. They are always welcome!
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16 Apr 2019, 00:18

Hi, thank you so much for your hard work and for making the Easter event happen. It's a fun and creative activity that I recommend to players to have a go. I like the idea that you provided the other option to [skiphunt] so everyone can get the Easter box. The Easter card is awesome and a really cool addition from BH's collection :D Thank you to my friends who helped me to find the eggs and caught Floopy. I had a lot of fun and it's really worthwhile to participate. Thank you so much :)
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16 Apr 2019, 03:18

Agreed and well said, Thanks to everyone who organised :D
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17 Apr 2019, 13:12

I also enjoyed the hunt, took me a while, but worth the time. I would recommend going with a friend or 2.
I must say, I liked "Capturing" Floopy, I even got him two times, so that I could put the "You caught Floopy" on my wall, right beside his hide....... :twisted:
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