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07 Jul 2019, 16:43

Before I begin, I want to state that, I would like for Hayan or Cobbett to reply to this post first, before any other player, to get direct—CORRECT answers to begin with. After they have replied, any other Hermit who has an input—feel FREE to post it! I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions!
As most of you know, I haven’t really been mature on the server. I would lash out, cause huge debates, and rage quit. I did quit for about a year though, and I’m that time, I have matured greatly, and have learned to just freaking get over it. Don’t sweat the small stuff. If it hasn’t impacted me directly, I don’t care anymore!
I just have a few questions, and some of which have already been answered by other players on Discord. These are not necessary problems I have, but more along the lines of “why do we do this” or “why do we have this?” Now, the last thing I would like to say, is that I, in NO way, shape, form, idea, or ANYTHING mean to offend anyone, come off rude or hateful, so please do not see it that way!

Why do we claim to be as “vanilla/survival as possible” yet we allow Seniors to fly, and or TP? How is this fair to other players? The Tree Chopping Plug-In... it’s not NEEDED, although, I absolutely agree it is useful! I know Hayan has claimed it is for the “flying saucer trees” and “helps regeneration of regions.” I really am not sure how I feel about that all together.

Elytras. What exactly is the deal with those? Why are they not allowed in the end? Why are they so expensive? Have you guys thought about making them easier to get? Seeing as how we no longer have “admin” shops to sell stone and EPearls and such, you literally have to mine 576 diamonds to get one. That is...absurd!!

What is the deal with Resource World? Are we not allowed to mine in our own regions? I’m confused about that entirely.

Back to the Admin Shops, why were those disabled?

(I forgot tbh so please forgive me for this next one) how exactly are Seniors/Juniors chosen?

I have a few more and when I think of them, I will reply to this.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!
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07 Jul 2019, 19:11

The rule isn't to stop players mining in their own regions, it's to stop them mining in other regions and taking resources from future players. The resource world is also there so players can mine all the things they need without having to make a mess of the main map.

Changes in 1.13 meant the shop plugin we were using broke, and the only plugin we could use wasn't working correctly for a long time after the reset, hopefully we will be able to update the old plugin so we can use that again. (The resource world also means we don't need as many admin sell shops anyway)
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08 Jul 2019, 07:18

Flying and TPing for seniors is entirely for administration purposes and other uses of it are generally not for personal gain(ie building with flight)

Seniors are chosen when Hayan knows and trusts a player well enough to help with the running of the server and juniors are similar but can be chosen by any senior

Elytra in the end are disabled to allow players who do t have elytra to get them( having an elytra in the end allows for super easy raising of end cities)

The current way of getting elytra is almost entirely vanilla and the adminshop is just to compensate for the fact that other players may have raided many of the cities or that the end is smaller in size than in Vanilla(worldborder)
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11 Jul 2019, 22:36

Without flight, it becomes nearly impossible to see the damage hacks and other malicious players deal out. This has been around since day 1 of the server being online. People seemed to be fine for 6 years that flight was necessary for administrative purposes. I have no plans to remove it either. It is vitally necessary for seniors when doing administrative things that we inevitably need on the server.

Same thing with TP. Without TP, it is nearly impossible to catch hackers and xrayers red handed. It is vitally necessary for this reason as well.

I'm not a fan of the tree plugin either. We were strong armed into it, however. We have a higher number of players who only stay for a few hours than players who invest their time into the server and this results in regions being ravished apart. Resource world is a good example of this taking place. Where the first portal spawns you, the actual land is lush with greens. But between hundreds of visits by players who do not replant, there are barely any trees there. This was a big problem we faced in the old worlds. Having hundreds of regions also meant having hundreds of regions that should have trees in them, but more often than not, they were stripped of trees and I would personally spend days manually visiting each region (again, hundreds of regions) making sure the resources that should be available were indeed available. The plugin has cut a ton of that away. I no longer have to regenerate hundreds of regions just because of trees.

Elytras have always been a pain in my side. But the reason why weve made it so that you cannot use an elytra in the end is that it made this highly unfair for players who came to the server to play on the server as I intended (hermit style) to attain an elytra. The creation of this server was geared towards hermit living with OPTIONAL social living and I still cater to that with priority over anything else. A player who is intending to be a hermit will not buy an elytra. They will go into the end like they do in single player and manually find an end city, traverse an end city, fight inside the end city, and attain an elytra that way. We have effectively made this originally intended method of finding an elytra be accessible to everyone also effectively allowing the elytra to be accessible to anyone who is willing to traverse the end the same way they would have to in single player.

The NPC shop (aka admin shop) was priced high and the only feedback we received for months was "perfect" so that's why the price stayed that way. However, it has been reduced as of two days ago and will be reduced further until we feel that we have found a reasonable price.

Personal region mayors can mine in their own region. Community regions cannot be mined in for safety reasons. Claims now reach fully to bedrock and this can cause people to get stuck or cause players to ruin future plans of other residents underground. On the administrative side, this is a nightmare for us to regenerate and keep track of. Statistically, most community region residents often end up being a person region mayor if they play long enough, so we reasonably consider community region residents to be indefinitely temporary. However, a personal region mayor can mine in their region because there are no obstructions by claims and if we have to regenerate due to expiry, we can simply regenerate the whole region. Do note that personal regions can have residents as well, but those residents operate under the mayor's trust or subdivisions therein so we do not feel that this mechanic introduced in this map is unfair.

Shop plugins have not successfully updated so we have unfortunately sat and waited for an update or for one of our players to program a plugin to manage shops.

Juniors are nominated by existing juniors and seniors. We vote on a pair of them to be trial juniors who are returned to normal players without the junior privileges at the end of the trial or promoted to full time junior dependent on their actions. A lot of times, someone gets nominated and then they go offline for weeks or months while we vote for them so then they are no longer considered. We are currently choosing from the people who have applied to be trial juniors on the forum.
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