Llamas for FatefulCello  [Acknowledged]

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Fresh Hermit
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11 Aug 2019, 17:17

Hi there,

I'm applying for mayorship of my region. While I was gone, a junior/senior claimed my region in full to protect it. It has now been transferred back to me.

Coordinates: -3799/-199

Generic name -crosses fingers its pretty-

Some of you may know this isn't my first rodeo on claiming a region. Pacifica was my previous region when I was noob and shouldn't have been claiming anything. I relinquished that claim, and to my pleasant surprise, someone's moved in and is making it beautiful! So it's not going to waste! I've done a lot of work on my current region. A lot of hours have been put into building it. Please enjoy looking around.

Thank you,
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11 Aug 2019, 17:34

Your generic Region Name is now "Myrefall"
I readjusted your full regionclaim as it wend 1 rown too far on the south side.

Enjoy your region and be careful who you trust :)

(to see the ransomised list i used from the town name generator: https://i.imgur.com/32MVGxS.png)