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24 Aug 2019, 14:58

I am requesting to relinquish my mayorship of the communal region, Auckland, to wdaley11

These are the following players that have claim in Auckland:
ContentLost? (an actual player, not an error)

Many of the above have moved to other regions and left the claims there, so they are de jure citizens, but the de facto situation from my perspective is that it really is only wdaley11 and I that live in Auckland. In any case, I leave evictions to wdaley11 to do if he so chooses.

There are a couple reasons for requesting to relinquish my mayorship:
1) I gave wdaley11 the Auckland region pole
2) This is going to be my last year in college before I become a math teacher, so I would be a little unreliable in exercising my duties as mayor.
3) Most importantly, wdaley11 has shown great loyalty to and great initiative in developing Auckland past anything I could have imagined, while my efforts ring short and I want to reward him for that.

Laya said that this had never been done, but I hope it can happen.

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10 Sep 2019, 11:48

Sorry for the delay. Can I get a reply from wdaley11 on this topic so we can confirm he wants this? Otherwise, I think you're good to go.
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