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Minecraft Name: pastorshaun

I humbly beseech the server lords for the lowly title of communal mayor. Roo_13 and I are currently building in a wilderness area just north of DragonRock shared with My_Grumpy_Shadow on the west, who occupies Briarcliff. The region post coords are 2200, 3000. A generic naming is requested at this time.

Your humble servant,

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Minecraft Name: HayanTokki

Your main claim takes up a quarter of the region and your resident takes up a good portion with active building in both. Your mayorship has been granted and your region has been named "Kiltmour".

Please do not forget to establish rules for your region alongside who or what is welcome in your region. As it is now named, anyone can visit it. This especially means it is vital for you to make sure your builds are well protected and you need to use your claims wisely.